REVIEW album Gert Taberner Fallen

The Power Of Intimacy In Companionships


Gert Taberner

Interpersonal relationships aren’t free from strife.

Whether it’s marriage, a romantic or close friendship, or even a business partnership and interaction between two co-workers, the most compatible unions face conflict at some point.

There are several reasons why the occasional wrench is thrown into relationships: lack of trust or respect, and damaging words or actions causing anger or sadness.

New York folk rock/pop artist Gert Taberner believes issues in companionships stem from low levels of intimacy. His newest album, 'Fallen', (mixed and mastered in New Westminster, B.C.), features Gert pouring out his emotional needs into a sequence of acoustic and bass guitar-filled songs, each one detailing an individual aspect of togetherness, a component of relationships on which Gert places the most importance.

"Fallen," the EP's titular track, is a bleeding heart. A relationship of Gert's has reached an impasse, yet he doesn't wish for it to be askew. Now that it's ended, or is close to its finale, Gert can't help but feel betrayed, confused, and that a significant chunk of his life is missing. This song proves that he has the potential of being a crossover artist of folk rock and pop.

"Pieces," the second track, constructs a collection of puzzle pieces in disarray. Through his commanding vocal competence, Gert retrieves most of the missing pieces and attempts to re-assemble them, representing his philosophy of a happy life.

The final track, "In Need," describes intimacy and compassion. Hints of the Lumineers can be heard throughout, as Gert's steady vocals guide you to a better place where necessities are granted.

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