REVIEW album Guy Grogan Glitter In The Gears

Midnight Jazz & Power Pop - Remedies For Deep-Seated Grief

Glitter In The Gears

Guy Grogan

Although we allow these thoughts to penetrate our solitude, we may not be able to explain our sadness the evening before a chaotic week, what qualities our "crushes" or potential love interests possess, or why our personalities are the way they are.

Award-winning one-man band Guy Grogan hopes to answer these questions using 'Glitter In The Gears', his newest CD.

Where an individual's psyche is concerned, Guy grants a voice to the voiceless: lyrically expressing wishful yearning, unaccountable negativity and the hunger for mutual love through jazz, garage rock and power pop anthems. He is a crossover artist, of sorts, blurring the line between dominant genres of generations past and present.

Indie rock icon Jody Stephens, drummer for American power pop band Big Star, helped to launch Guy's music tenure. Starting out as an intern for Ardent Studios after graduating from the University of Memphis, he started to write, record and perform his own music, self-releasing 10 albums to date.

'Glitter In The Gears's' first track, "Anatomy Of A Crush," precisely describes the strong yet short-lived enamoredness with the person who "[Guy] can't seem to find, but is always in [his] head." Guy's voice becomes garbled two minutes into the song, to show his uncertainty as to why this person attracts him. His concluding note heralds relief and understanding towards infatuation: our crushes are special people similar to ourselves, but who have other traits that makes opposites attract.

Some will understand the pain conducive to breakups; "House Of The Leaving" coincides with how parting ways sounds.

Guy relies on an instrumental opening and periodic breaks to tell his story. His partner is leaving him, and he's left without words. He knows anything he says cannot help matters, so he vocalizes his duress using only a couple of words at tiny intervals.

Guy Grogan is an accomplished songwriter with the power to illuminate hidden emotions with sound. He will procure more awards as time goes on, and perhaps land spots on the Billboard charts.

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