REVIEW album Christina Rubino Godspeed And Guns

A Day At The Beach - A Time For Soul Searching

Godspeed And Guns

Christina Rubino

Imagine yourself on a deserted beach. A dilapidated lifeguard stand is buried beneath a patch of sand, while an abandoned tiki hut rests beside you. What would enter your mind as you stared into the ocean? Would a sense of relief overcome you, or would you wish to travel to unknown lands beyond the waves?

For Brooklyn singer/songwriter Christina Rubino, spending a day at the beach allows her to collect her thoughts and bring to the forefront lingering sadness and regrets.

The music video to single "Down To The Sea," from her full-length album 'Godspeed And Guns', features Christina soul searching by the edge of a lake. Passersby ignore her as she slumps on to the sand, her clothes nearly camouflaging with its dull, beige overtones. The setting alternates between a depressingly epiphanic visit and Christina's stupendous vocal and piano abilities.

Clad in white with speckled gloves, her outfit contrasts that of a medieval widow's in the late 19th Century: her angst isn't from the loss of a spouse; a part of her life was taken away from her as a young child, and she bereaves for this absence of innocence. The video serves as a motion picture storyboard of Christina solving her problems mentally.

Released February 14, 2017, 'Godspeed and Guns' contains an aura of a damaged childhood. Trauma was experienced at a young age, but specific events aren't easily identifiable. Rather, hints of home life are presented in the single, "Ha Ha," in which Christina reluctantly mocks the source of negativity. Towards the end of the song, you can sense a positive shift in her mood.

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