REVIEW album GEA Pink (EP)

Avant-Garde From Finland - An Introduction To GEA

Pink (EP)


How would you like a garden walk in Helsinki, Finland with an experimental pop specialist as your tour guide?

Calling this country home and citing it as artistic inspiration, pop artist GEA captures the essence of her homeland by resurging Finnish folk instruments played in the 1800s. Her EP 'Pink', releasing April 25, 2017, incorporates majestic audio and soulful lyrics describing life growing up in Finland, and what this heritage means to her.

GEA's music is versatile: being appropriate for travel slides from family vacations, tourism advertisements, or prologues of thrilling mystery flicks.

The first notes of "Followers," 'Pink's' first track, are enticing. It merges soft strikings of a xylophone with faint rings of a cowbell. GEA's voice, which echos in a higher register, puts one in mind of a deity singing from a realm beyond the clouds. The rhythm is perfect for the cleansing of negative thoughts. Keeping up her flair for showcasing new subgenres, GEA adds a couple drops of electronic dance music beats to the end of the song.

A glorious sadness presents itself in "Alone". This track's artwork depicts a lone wolf left to fend for herself in a barren wasteland. The mild reed wind instrumentation draws feelings of rejection and defeat, while GEA's vocals are tossed around like embryonic plants. This song is a spectacle and the centerpiece of 'Pink'.

"Wind's" use of the piano is ambiguous, sounding nearly identical to the plucking of harp strings. The recording of a natural breeze pervades the track and relaxes the listener.

As a musician, GEA contemporizes traditional music periods of European nations by introducing electronic, techno practices. Her merit is to be commended.

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