REVIEW album Aissa Torres Bounce (Single)

Aissa Torres - "Bounce"

Bounce (Single)

Aissa Torres

Aissa's new single "Bounce" is a great song and makes women confident to get on the dance floor or in a Zumba class. With the upbeat vibes the song gives off it can set the mood to get the crowd energized.

I think it caters to all music genres from pop and dub-step with the beat, and hip-hop with the lyrics, so everyone will be satisfied.

You can play this song for a motivational workout to keep your stamina up, or at a wedding or party to get the crowd up and moving and overall, creating a hype event that will be memorable.

I recommend playing this song if you notice your audience isn't really engaging in the event or with you, once this song comes on the crowds faces will light up getting them to socialize by dancing and interacting with each other.

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