REVIEW album Sorority Noise You're Not As ____ As You Think

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You're Not As ____ As You Think

Sorority Noise

Sorority Noise’s first two albums, ‘Forgettable’ and ‘Joy, Departed’, were filled with raw emotion and dark truths. The albums, in the most part, dealt with Cameron Boucher’s inner, personal thoughts, ranging from his lows and highs, which almost provides the listener with a window into his soul. The new album ‘You’re Not As _____ As You Think’ is largely comprised of a different side of Cameron; his outlook on life around him.

The album opens well with the high impact single ‘No Halo’. In true Sorority Noise style, the song manages to tackle a difficult topic - the death of a friend – and create such a moving song, with gripping lyrics that you can’t help but sing along to. The album carries on with the theme of dealing with death throughout, and explores the different emotional stages that accompany the loss of someone close to you. ‘A Portrait Of’ opens with the metaphor of ‘God f*cking me’ [Cam] to his favourite song, a fantastic example of Cam’s ability to see the irony of situations, whilst keeping the strong emotions behind the song intact. Coupled with the idea that ‘life’s not fair anymore’ from ‘New Room’ really shows that whilst Cam has his own battles with mental health, the troubles that those close to him also go through may be the ones to hit him hardest.

From here, the album goes through cycles of high energy-pop punkesque songs, to the darker and hard hitting emo style that listeners may be more accustomed to. Songs like ‘Car’ and ‘Where Are You’ are more reminiscent of earlier albums, embracing Cam’s train-of-thought lyrical style, creating catchy, meaningful songs that make you want to sing along. The softer aspects to the album, such as ‘Second Letter From St. Julie’, challenge ideas like religion, and the there being a reason behind everything that happens, more than emotion. God is a topic that the band haven’t hidden from in the past, but not only is the idea of a God challenged, but also their identity and purposes with lyrics like ‘do I make God proud? Put a smile on her face’.

‘You’re Not As _____ As You Think’ is a fantastic ensemble of raging emotion and pure musical talent. In usual Sorority Noise fashion, it tackles the dark topics that everyone can relate to. From the raw emotion of dealing with death, to the more complicated guilt of still being alive, the album follows a roller-coaster of emotional states and musical styles. This album really showcases the best of Sorority Noise, and will undoubtedly be one of the best releases of the year.

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