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Reilly Spreads Her Wings



Wearing her heart on her sleeve and aiming at taking it to the limit, positive-vibe artist Reilly expands her butterfly-wings to fly higher and further. Reilly borrows from many different musical types as she forges ahead looking to create something new.

Her debut EP is set for release on April 7 via CEN/RED Distribution, a division of Sony Music and features five original songs and her personal take on The White Stripes “My Doorbell.” Reilly worked with noted producer/musician Rich Andruska on these songs and the two of them seemed to have nailed it creating a unique nuance of power-pop in each track.

Melodic grooves and modern sounds throughout. Although you cannot deny the pop flavor some tracks are pretty rockn’ none more so then Wild Side, which is my personal favorite. Of course, there is also her unique version of the White Stripes "My Doorbell". The first song "Find My Way" is backed by a soulful beat and a sugary melody and she will pull at your heart on "Pull Me In".

Originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania, where she studied voice and piano while performing with local and regional theatre groups since the age of 3, Reilly moved to New York in 2015 to focus more fully on her music. Her resume may include featured and starring roles in numerous performances at theatres in Pennsylvania and New York, but these days you’ll be more apt to catch her at the West Village musical theatre landmark, The Duplex, and Lower East Side’s Rockwood Music Hall honing her craft.

Reilly’s upcoming self-titled debut is packed with intimate playfulness and showcases her youthful yet silky voice in an infectious chorus of a cosmic cabaret kind of way.

Check it out!

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