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Trampolene Love Review

Pocket Album Two


Obviously, 'Newcastle Brown Love Song' is one of my favourite songs and will always be. Despite it is not the song you’re thinking about when you want a gig to be rock & roll nor when you need something to cheer you up. But still, I have a kind of love story with this one as it was the first title I’ve ever played on Youtube when I first discovered about Trampolene and it was the first time I felt so emotional when Jack and his mates played it on stage in a small venue called Bedford. (Not to mention an intimate after gig Newcastle singing in the cold street of London).

So, despite this, I can listen to all their albums, I would pick 'Pocket Album 2'.

Plus, this album offers a mix of amazing songs I can listen to over and over and which, I think, represent the whole Trampolene atmosphere: from the catchy 'Imagine Something Yesterday' with the “come back, come back to me” to the very rock & roll I’m on my own, without forgetting the sweet Cinderella’s hoe, lovely lullaby to fall asleep. And cherry on the top, because Trampolene wouldn’t be Trampolene without poems: Health and Wellbeing at Wood Green Job Center.

What else can I say? Trampolene is a wonderful band, not only for their music but for what they are as human beings and I am just more than happy I had the chance to get to know them.

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