REVIEW album Trampolene Pocket Album Three

Another Great 'Pocket Album' From Trampolene!

Pocket Album Three


I remember being so excited when this 'Pocket Album' was available to pre-order... then the wait and anticipation... and finally it was there to listen to!

"It's Not Rock & Roll" is the perfect jumping up and down in a moshpit (or failing that, your house) song, with a catchy chorus and exciting guitar riffs. It's one of the favourites every time I've seen them play it live.

"Concept Lover" has some cool rhymes and some of Wayne's coolest bass playing.

"Ketamine" might sound like a controversial topic for a poem, but give the words a listen and you'll hear a well researched balanced narrative, delivered in Jack's unique style.

"Tonight Will Be Fine" is a cover of a Leonard Cohen song, and to use a cliche - "hauntingly beautiful".

"No One's Got Love Like We Got" is touching and sweet, and is another live treat when Jack, Wayne and Rob come together to sing in harmony.

As with all of Trampolene's Pocket Albums, there is a great mix of noisy alternative rock & roll, heart-breakingly charming slower numbers and the usual witty spoken word poem.

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