REVIEW album Øyvind Weiseth Inside Our Minds

Effortless Production On 'Inside Our Minds'

Inside Our Minds

Øyvind Weiseth

One of the things we loved most of all about 'Inside Our Minds' is how it tells the story of a couple going out on a date. It starts off with the two characters not talking to each other and unsure of how to behave. It turns out that they're both really nervous about what the future may hold so they start planning their ideal future inside their minds.

It was a really interesting take on the idea of a typical indie pop-rock / love song. It also turned out to be a real ear-worm that stick with you.

Øyvind Weiseth is a Norwegian born musician who is currently studying at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA), UK and has had previous successful with his music receiving airplay on radio stations back home. He writes songs in both English and Norwegian and has the ability to skillfully captivate the hearts of all who hear him play.

The track premiered with an acoustic performance on The 2ube and alongside the vocals of Hege Nessett, Øyvind's brand of guitar driven sunset pop provides plenty keep audiences interested.

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