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Fake Shark's 'Faux Real' Is The Real Deal

Faux Real

Fake Shark

If the past and the future had a baby, it’d be 'Faux Real', the fourth album from Fake Shark, an indie rock band from Vancouver that consists of Kevvy Mental (vocals), Louis Wu (guitar), and Tony Dallas (bass). To the uninitiated, Fake Shark sounds like many genres (from funk to electro-pop) blended together, like the tie-dye shirts that Kevvy likes to wear. Still, with each album, there are apparent influences and style differences. And 'Faux Real' represents another evolution of their music (which incidentally coincides with the evolution of their name; they were previously known as Fake Shark – Real Zombie!).

While more techno and less heavy than prior albums, 'Faux Real' retains a fun and feel-good vibe. Out of its 11 tracks, three have been released as singles: “Cheap Thrills” (released on July 10, 2015), “Something Special” (released on May 13, 2016), and “Heart 2 Heart” (released on March 17, 2017). The latter is offered as an instant download when you pre-order the album (scheduled to debut on May 26, 2017).

The official track listing for 'Faux Real' is as follows:
1. Friends
2. Cheap Thrills
3. Heart 2 Heart
4. Something Special
5. Be That Way
6. Nofomo
7. Ride
8. Secret Weapon
9. Fairfax
10. The Real Zombie
11. Push My Luck

Many of these songs sound like they would make for great (and potentially frustrating) Dance Dance Revolution stages. “Cheap Thrills” is a funky song with a great bass line and parts reminiscent of James Brown. “Something Special", like its music video, is unapologetically fun and gets stuck in your head after the first time. “Be That Way” and “Secret Weapon” are like opposite sides of the same antagonistic coin. “Nofomo” is chilled and could be a relative to a Silversun Pickups track. “Ride” is the most relaxed song on the album, and it’s probably the one that would get a live audience to sway their arms (or smartphone flashlights) in the air. “Fairfax” sounds like it belongs in a future Austin Powers sequel. Like the album’s name, “The Real Zombie” is a tongue-in-cheek nod to the band’s origins.

The latest single on 'Faux Real' is “Heart 2 Heart.” The lyrics, “We will live forever. Stay out even later. Making nights we can’t remember” summarize its spirit. It’s about living in the moment, whether it's being with friends or chasing romance. The song begins slowly with Prince-like vocals, and it soon evolves into a synth-pop jam. It’s the type of song that would play in the background of a movie where the protagonists let loose and party – whether it is at a school dance, a nightclub, or while listening to the radio in the car.

Fake Shark took years to create 'Faux Real', and it paid off. It’s their most cohesive album yet. It’s the real deal.

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