REVIEW album Eddy Yang Split The Night (single)

Eddy Yang's Melting Pot - Indie Rock & Top 40 Pop

Split The Night (single)

Eddy Yang

Eddy Yang is an indie rocker expanding his skill set.

Not in the sense that he alters traditional rock and roll; rather, he stays true to what's accepted as standard in this genre, while adding sprinkles of modern-day pop production into his melting pot.

"Split The Night", a self-produced single by Eddy, was recorded and mixed in his home studio. From the first 10 seconds of the song, you're treated to a battle between an electric guitar and a wave of electronica. This is a tune to which admirers of 70s rock and roll and top 40 of the 2010s can dance and find common ground.

One noteworthy aspect of "Split The Night" is its equal balance in granting both genres a spot in the limelight - in this case, the listener. Although they provide entertainment by quarreling for attention, Eddy Yang, through his music, realizes that in order for a plane to fly, it needs both wings to carry it forward safely.

For those who learn visually, or like to sprawl on a couch to analyze the poetry of words, you may be inclined to jump up and dance at 45-second intervals. At first, the song is somewhat soothing, but as you start to relax to it, a thunderous beat pervades the track, instilling a high level of energy into the listening experience.

Eddy Yang's integrity will serve him well in his career. He embraces change and discovery, and has the gift to entertain. There's an air of sincerity and humility about him, which brands him as a genuine artist and person.

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