REVIEW album Rider Let Me Go (single)

Rider - Let Me Go

Let Me Go (single)


This is so refreshing and on point! A true visionary with larger than life melodies, Rider transports the listener into her wonderful world!

The self-produced American dream pop artist has apparently recorded from a young age, influenced through a joyous upbringing within a musical family and drawing on life experiences ingrained from moving around the USA and UK.

This is evident in her impressive synth infused production and the curation of melodic hooks and harmonies throughout the track "Let Me Go", the debut single from Rider.

She has also built a 10,000+ social media following around her strong Americana image & videos. Judging from the latest Rider online teaser video, a live performance of "Let Me Go" was filmed and will be released on April 21st 2017 - perfectly embodying her live performance, unique upbeat alt. pop production, powerful vocals and emotive lyrics.

...with such a strong debut single, I certainly look forward to hearing more!

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