REVIEW album Morganway The Hurricane (EP)

Norfolk Quintet Prove Americana Doesn't Need To Be American

The Hurricane (EP)


Norfolk's Morganway may be a relatively new outfit, but that does not mean that are not already fully accomplished. As they release their second EP, 'The Hurricane', they knock you off your feet with the gusto of the title track.

Opening the collection is the bold brilliance of 'Devil's Canyon' which will have you singing along addictively while waving your hair back and forth within an instant. The irrepressible single 'My Love Ain't Gonna Save You' follows and demonstrates a radio friendly edge to the troupe. 'London Life' is as inspirational as the city that lends its name to the title, but it is the harmony drive of 'Hurricane' that steals the show.

An eclectic collection that will have you humming along in glee. This is a must-have for your collection.

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