REVIEW album Jerry Harmon Walk Softly

Appalachian Songwriter Jerry Harmon Re-Writes His Legacy

Walk Softly

Jerry Harmon

Jerry Harmon is a name many won't be aware of. Yet the Grammy nominated Appalachian singer/songwriter has achieved more than many ever dream of.

The man otherwise known as The Smoky Mountain Gypsy has performed with everyone from Dolly Parton to Marty Stuart and Earl Scruggs, however he has not achieved mainstream crossover success.

While to date that is partly due to a resistance on his part to alter his sound, all that is destined to change with the release of 'Walk Softly'. A record that not only boasts a radio friendly set of songs, but one that also appeals to music fans of all generations.

From the hum along title track through to the playful 'Grandmas Are Sexy Too' and poignant 'Daddy Was Purple'. Yet it is with the reflective 'Made Of Time' and 'Walking To Cleveland' that Jerry Harmon pulls the heart strings and really strikes a chord.

This is a stunning release from an overlooked icon.

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