REVIEW album Essence Black Wings

Essence Gears Up To Take Her Story On The Road & Let Her 'Black Wings' Fly

Black Wings


Songstress Essences gears up to take her honest and soul baring show on the road in support of her latest release 'Black Wings'. On 'Black Wings' Essences showcases new songs that prove she has a knack for songwriting that will touch your soul and a sweet voice to tell her stories with. She has a way of making beauty and darkness trade punches from line to line as she takes you with her on her journey.

'Black Wings' is truly poetry in song. The album from this San Francisco native is deeply poetic and musically addictive as she invites you into her very personal life of falling in love with a person that brings too much darkness into her world and having to find your way out and find yourself again. Her honesty in the songs is beyond daring. It’s no wonder that she won the Lilith Talent Search and came in second, ahead of 20,000 other entrants, in the international contest.

It is the brutal honesty of 'Black Wings' that makes it so special. The title song, “Black Wings” kicks the door down as she sings, “I’m falling down hard for you… you are fucked up enough for me.” On every song Essence dives into deep blues, rock, folk and Americana with the truest of emotional power. On “Fossils”, she belts out “when you’re dust and when your fossils turn to gasoline… but I will love you most when that car runs out of gasoline”, a thought she accents as well in “Camels and Diesel,” as she sings, “I think it’s time/you done give/back what you/stole.”

'Black Wings' is Essence’s fifth album, and truly showcases her determination, her resourcefulness and above all, her gift of poetic lyrics.

She will be touring this spring into summer.

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