REVIEW album Silver Lake 66 Let Go Or Be Dragged

On Their Way To Indie Notoriety

Let Go Or Be Dragged

Silver Lake 66

Achieving notoriety is difficult for independent musicians.

Earning radio airplay at opportune times of the day, forming strong relationships with the media, building a follower base and performing gigs to sizable audiences takes grit, perseverance and dedication to the craft. Throw the need for a livable income and management of good health into the mix, and you have a burdensome day-to-day life.

Husband and wife team Maria Francis and Jeff Overbo know this struggle all too well.

The formation of their alt-country duo Silver Lake 66 resulted from networking with key Portland-based musicians. Residing in Minneapolis, Maria and Jeff performed at local pubs, clubs and other venues to pay the bills. When a serious health scare prevented them from going further, they worried that this would spell the end of their career.

Luckily, they rose above this and released 'Let Go Or Be Dragged', a fantastic album filled with feelings of happiness, strife and determination to press forward despite difficult times. As a musical duo, both Maria and Jeff's voices work in perfect harmony, with one not overpowering the other. It creates a smooth, relaxing listening experience.

Each song explores a unique facet of human emotions, sometimes completely contrasting ones.

'Devils Looking For Me' features Jeff's twangy country voice setting the scene for the entire song. It puts one in mind of a lone ranger sitting under the sunset, pondering her next choice in life. The light strumming of the guitar at the beginning of the track matches the mood, leading to a picturesque mental image of the past coming back to haunt someone.

'Sherman County' is a lyrical journey around the United States. The same guitar is used in this intro, but the sound is deeper. It's definitely the standout track of the album.

'Doctor' is a fabulous conclusion, telling a melodic story through strong instrumentation and great vocals. It's almost like the singers are hopeful to continue on with their music career, because the positive turn of events in their lives are a symbol of "healing", or, in this case, a doctor.

'Let Go Or Be Dragged' is out now via Silver Lake 66.

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