REVIEW album Sophia Dady Closure

A Spellbinding Debut EP


Sophia Dady

'Closure' was a delight to listen to. The main track 'Reach You' was a scintillating tale of a woman who is finding it difficult to let go of the person she loves, and is trying to reach out to them again.

Sophia cites her influences as artists including Tori Amos and Kate Bush with further inspiration taken from traditional jazz, 80's pop and contemporary folk. This range of interests is evident throughout the EP including 'Mountainside' and 'Anna Song'.

After leaving her job as a funeral director and taking more time to focus on her music, Sophia started working with producer George Schilling (Frank Turner, Primal Scream, Blur) on what would become her debut EP 'Closure'.

The EP is out today and details many of her real-life experiences of "love, lust, power and pain" which can be heard throughout.

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