REVIEW album Jordan Alexander Cool

Jordan Alexander's "Cool" - Healing Through Soulful Ambience

In late 2016, Toronto-based singer/songwriter Jordan Alexander released 'The Lonely Hearts Club', an EP chronicling love and loss.

As a well-rounded artist, she is held in high regard by media outlets and musicians, celebrating commendable accolades in the four years since introducing her music to the world.

A prominent single, "Cool", complements the rest of the EP's theme. In a sense, it concludes the feelings of abandonment experienced by Jordan, with her declaring that she's entering a period of healing after being coerced into parting ways with her partner. She hasn't realized full tranquility, but she's come to terms with what's happened in her life, and plans to overcome it.

'The Lonely Hearts Club' focused on heartbreak. While "Cool", as a single, does as well, it leans more towards the relief that follows afterwards.

Jordan has come to terms with this separation, empowering her to move on and seek happiness in new pastures. Her folk roots seep through two minutes into the track. While there is lingering pain in her voice, singing is a cathartic release of sadness and hostility this person left behind. These events form valuable life experiences.

As a track, "Cool" is healing. A sigh of relief is breathed by Jordan as she enters the next chapter in her life. She's placing an emphasis on herself, and finding the right partner can be put on hold while she reconnects with her own needs.

The song serves as an individual platform for Jordan's talent, separate from 'The Lonely Hearts Club' EP. If you're beginning a recovery period after trauma in your life, its smooth and soulful ambience will aid tremendously.

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