REVIEW album Captain of the Lost Waves Hidden Gems - Part 1

All Aboard The Pirate Ship - A Cruise Of Dreams & Mystery

Hidden Gems - Part 1

Captain of the Lost Waves

Captain of the Lost Waves has set a new standard for originality.

Doctoring sounds during post-production and homogenizing genres aren't enough for this rock, prog and experimental artist; rather, he specializes in the revival of medieval entertainment - e.g. the psaltery, a cross between the harp and the guitar, is used quite heavily in his music - merged with classic rock, pop, and genres that don't receive much attention in new media.

Captain's latest album, 'Hidden Gems - Part 1', released March 8, 2017, is a magical cruise on a pirate ship. Instead of searching for treasure in a vast, unexplored sea, the riches are already keepsakes by the ship's crew.

The first track of the album is a stellar introduction.

Known as "Grand National", this song is the moment you embark on the ship. Your guide to the rest of the album - or, in this case, the trip - opens the journey by playing up the naturally-strung guitar and instruments heard only in the Middle Ages. This makes for a steady welcome to the ocean ahead.

By the time "Another Planet" plays, sun has set on the first day of travel. The sea is calm with gentle waves crashing against the side of the pirate ship, lulling its inhabitants to a deep sleep. It's meant to be an eerie, gothic song, yet it comes across as soothing, telling you that everything will be all right. As dreams overwhelm your unconscious mind, this song's soft acoustic strumming takes you to a completely different world.

"Don't Miss What's Right In Front Of You" is an optimistic track. You may believe there's no such thing as magic, but Captain of the Lost Waves brings you to where you need to be: a brand new world where anything is possible.

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