REVIEW album GaBso Made Me Wanna Change My Name (EP)

GaBso Leads Where Others Should Follow

Made Me Wanna Change My Name (EP)


GaBso's fluid voice and masterful way of performing pop, EDM and R&B set him apart from other artists in his genre. Before he knows it, up and coming musicians will strive to follow in his footsteps.

Just look at his latest EP, 'Made Me Wanna Change My Name', released February 21, 2017. The title itself is enough to lure one into its collection of fantastic music; it opens the door to a twisted corridor with no clear end in sight. It marks the occasional painful crossroads in life, but shows us there's always an end to even the most gloomy times.

A well-known artist in Israel for 14 years, GaBso rose to prominence by winning a variety of contests. He placed third in his country's equivalent of "American Idol" and won a number of singing competitions thereafter - one of which being the "Song Festival of Israel".

Since the launching of his career, GaBso has earned the titles of "discovery of the year", "singer of the year", and "song of the year". As of late, he's been honoured as one of the most intriguing and respected artists in Israel, with his music being considered an important part of Israel's "national soundtrack".

"All In My Hand", arguably the most polished track of the EP, features GaBso's philosophy of success. Some good things come to you, but, often times, it's your responsibility to seek out the right people or avenues that will lead you to where you want to be. This track is meant to be electronic and techno, only with a periodic note resembling rock.

"Where I'll Put My Shoes" is a brilliant piece of work. GaBso is at a high point where he feels comfortable, stating metaphorically that this time in his life is where he'd like to stay. His use of modern-day production techniques, nostalgic music of decades long gone, and experimental, newfangled ideas.

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