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What Do You Get When You Mix Trap, Soul & Pop With A Latin Flavor?

My Domain


What do you get when you mix trap, soul, pop with a latin flavor, Maji. This artist is expanding the genres of music and carving out his own lane. Maji provides soulful vocals over trap style beats that leaves you ready to chill or ready to party. With tracks like 'My Domain' and 'Fire' Maji leaves you wanting more. He also flexes his skills on a full Spanish version of his song 'Redemption'. If you want to discover new music checkout this independent, producer, writer, composer and vocalist who virtually captures you with his voice and production.

It's so refreshing to hear the level of creativity and mastery that Maji displays in his music. He is also a solid song writer, crafty catchy hooks and intriguing story lines. I'd say this artist is a must add to any DJ's playlist or any radio stations rotation. Maji's music is the sound of tomorrow.

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