REVIEW album Omiqron6 A New Kind of Lightning

The Essence Of Human Emotions

A New Kind of Lightning


It's hard not to get caught up in the negativity of current events.

Every day, we're bombarded with stories about tragedies, violence and unrest in many parts of the world. Whether it's in our neighbourhood, city, or in a country an ocean away, we feel compassion for the people enduring horrible things and striving to better themselves.

Mexican ambient/experimental artist Omiqron6 hopes to create closure through the channeling of inner peace and prosperity. In the form of musical short stories in 'A New Kind of Lightning', a full-length album released March 22nd, he kicks human triumph and success into high gear, showing how it overcomes suffering.

"Om Is On", the album's first track, starts with an extraordinary sound akin to glass shattering. This, metaphorically, represents bad energy being destroyed to make room for happier pastures. Listening to this song conjures a walk down a garden path with a rainbow looming over you, igniting a feeling of hope.

"Pawa's" production echoes, in a literal sense, a medieval style, reminiscent of music playing while undergoing healing rituals. As the song reaches its end, more ambient, technical notes present themselves.

It's a nice segue into "Times Astray", a mournful melody that doesn't turn a blind eye to upheaval in our world; it faces it harshly, realizing the "bad parts" of life happen when we least expect them to.

Without using words, Omiqron6 does a brilliant job of capturing conflicting human emotions. Although our world may seem divided, listening to one another and getting to the root of important issues are the first things to accomplish.