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Time For The Psyatics To Step Forward

Famous Monsters

The Psyatics

Coming all the way from Las Vegas, Nevada, The Psyatics are ready to unleash energetic pop rock to the national independent music scene.

Embrace yourself for a jolt of ebullience when you click on the band's SoundCloud page - their single "Famous Monsters" pulls no punches when it comes to drawing you in to an album that will leave you thirsting for 1980s new wave twisted with 1960s rock.

"Famous Monsters" was released August 16, 2016 under Outhouse Eagle Records. The Psyatics, formed in 2012, are a three-piece garage, surf and noise band comprising Rob Bell on vocals and bass guitar, Jack Ball on guitar, and Mark Baertschi on drums.

They have released three full-length albums in three years, had their work featured on several compilations, and performed with well-known bands in their genre: The Vibrators, The Dickies, Modern English and Missing Persons.

In particular, this album bursts at the seams with electronic dance and grunge lyrics for which you can physically reach from your iPod, phone or computer screen.

The Psyatics have proven themselves by recording a glowing collection of music. "Shake Them Bones", easily the greatest track the album offers, is three-dimensional. With an exceedingly strong dance beat, you'll feel like jamming along.

"The Cost Of Love In Today's Market" acknowledges how times have changed for music consumers: they tend to digest country, techno, and other genres currently topping the charts.

"Voices In My Head" uses a bass guitar to accurately describe someone with a clogged mind. He/she struggles to maintain a balance of creative ideas while battling "voices" steering him/her away from them.

The Psyatics is working on their fourth album, due for release sometime in 2017.

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