REVIEW album Sterile Jets No Gods No Loss

Does Loss Of Power Equal Loss Of Civilization?

No Gods No Loss

Sterile Jets

Direct honesty is bound to make us angry, even when we already hold the same view as whoever is speaking bluntly.

As human beings, we tend to evaluate ourselves when we see fit, but scorn at another person pointing out something we try to overlook.

Through roaring vocals and sound experimentation, Sterile Jets of California describe how one would feel in situations like this.

Released May 4, 2017, their album 'No Gods, No Loss' delivers not even a remote drop of faith when blasting hardcore tracks symbolizing a need for the right for people to govern themselves.

It's as brutally honest as it is bluntly-titled.

The third track "Go Out and Bleed" is the true introduction to the compilation's theme. After listening to it entirely, you may question effects of your own actions and wonder how you've
matured in your adulthood.

Its lyrics dictate that intentionally false moves are the sole
responsibility of whoever initiates them, so think about how you might negatively affect another person.

"A Sterile Existence," the eighth track, implies that the reason for a mere "existence" rather than truly "living" is the fault of law and order we sometimes follow on a pretense.

To achieve true freedom or body, mind and soul, we must be able to make our own rules and abide by them, not follow those outlined to us.

The final track "Olive Spol" wraps up 'No Gods, No Loss' by unleashing a wave of authenticity in a furious way.

This album may influence the questioning of balance between self-rule and an overexertion of power.