REVIEW album Deb Montgomery Long, Long Journey

A Road Trip That's Less Than Cheerful

Long, Long Journey

Deb Montgomery

Not every trip starts with a cheery departure.

If you've just ended a long-term relationship with someone you thought you trusted, and you have nowhere to go but back to your hometown, you're bound to feel depressed. Even though you know this companionship wasn't meant to be,
you yearn for what could have been.

Deb Montgomery has been down that road before.

Originally from Canada, this frolicking folk rock singer/songwriter uses life's "in-between" spaces to formulate
softly-crafted songs she's penned over the course of 20 years.

'Long, Long Journey', released May 1, 2017, is the untold story of Deb Montgomery's experiences with love. She has gone
through the ups and downs of it, and wants to share these secrets with an audience.

She has performed alongside Ron Sexsmith and Bob Wiseman, but it's only until recently that her personal songbook has been brought to the forefront.

The first self-titled track is brilliantly composed and delivered. Deb's voice is salty, gritty and blanketed with heartache and an attempt to heal wounds of the past.

"Hail to Helpless Things" gives the listener a stern reality check. In life, we're told nearly everything is fixable as long as we put our minds to it; the truth is, some things can't be repaired no matter what we do or say - namely, one-sided relationships.

To aid in delivering the underlying message in this song, Deb strums her guitar in what sounds like her "safe zone" to which she retreats to perfect her songwriting.

'Long, Long Journey' is recommended to fans of folk rock and romance. Deb Montgomery has come out of her shell to
present her long-awaited music, and should continue to dazzle us with her bittersweet memories.

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