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The Value Of Fine Art & Friendship

Human Music

Basement Surfers

Just when you thought a music and arts collective could get no more outlandish.

If you were asked to find a psychedelic band garbed entirely in homemade robes and masks, where would you look first?

You probably don't know the answer offhand; however, Seattle and Olympia are your first destinations. As a matter of fact, visit Washington, U.S. to discover the Basement Surfers, an eclectic group that creates ground-trembling music.

Releasing June 2, 2017, their latest album 'Human Music' explores the anatomy of human appreciation and admiration. There are several branches of deep-seated respect in psychology, with this release focusing on how we value things that seem, arguably, "beautiful" to us or worthy of attention: a scarcity of fine art distribution and friendship cultivation are central topics throughout it.

"Fine Art To Be Appreciated From A Toadstool" summarizes the album nicely, using twang and alternative beats to show just how unconventional this group truly is. In this track, you'll listen to an array of vocal melodies and vibrant rhythms, encouraging you to understand the poetry of the words by the heart-pumping excitement injected into it.

The track "Friend Vicodin" is a standout from 'Human Music'. After listening to it a couple times, you'll consider it as a de facto "signature song". As the title suggests, this ballad examines human outlook on the importance and value of friendship. The lyrics are philosophical; you will ponder syour own circle of friendships and each one's strengths, maybe think about how they could be improved upon.

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