REVIEW album BUHU La Truth (Single)

BUHU - 'La Truth'

La Truth (Single)


I have been a fan of BUHU for a couple of years and one of the things I love the most about BUHU’s music is that it has a way of allowing me to exist outside of myself, even if only for a few moments at a time. That is certainly what I experience when I listen to 'La Truth', the latest single by BUHU.

At the core of the song is the soothing, steady rhythm of bass and beats that allows me to disengage from my surroundings. The thoughtful complexity of the psychedelic synth sounds that weave in and out of the song as the music progresses takes me on a free flowing journey from there; reminiscent of the transcendental audio oceans created by bands like Helio Sequence and Temples.

'La Truth' touches on a topic that is common to us all; the feeling of the weight of the world placed squarely on one’s shoulders when we aren’t true to ourselves or the ones we love. The song leads us through all stages of the struggle; from dishonesty to guilt, to introspection and pain, honesty and truth, forgiveness, and finally freedom and resolution. It’s a long journey to take, laid out for us in a little over six minutes, but it’s one to which most of us can relate.

This single is different than the BUHU songs that have come before it. While the sound is uniquely and identifiably BUHU, I find that this song cuts a little deeper and I’m excited to hear more of what BUHU has in store for us.

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