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Music For Icebergs

Mike Sayre

Mike Sayre is already doing well in his local music scene, but he's making a point of doing good for climate change awareness and arts activism as a whole.

His latest album, 'Music for Icebergs', released April 27, 2017 advocates the importance of the environment.

The goal is to create awareness and encourage acceptance of shrinking ozone layers, depleting ice caps in the Arctic Region, and potentially rising sea levels.

For every dollar used to purchase this album, proceeds will be donated to environmental-related charities around the world.

The idea is to fund climate change research and discover new ways to combat smog, greenhouse gases, and other things that are dangerous to human beings.

Mike unleashes his talent for music, storytelling and persuasion in 'Music for Icebergs'. His cool ambiance is an art unto itself, being inspired to make a difference after learning of the windswept ice shelves of Antarctica.

The album's tracks recreate the sound of ice thinning over crystalline caps in what were once housed in subzero temperatures.

This situation is illustrated in "Genesis", a powerful and precisely-recorded song. It plays on the wintry aspects of 'Music for Icebergs', while still showing compassion for those who have been affected by drastic environmental changes.

"Fimbul" may send a literal chill down your spine after the first 20 seconds - containing the sound of erosion.

Even though it's meant to depict destruction, it does so in an extremely calm manner. It concludes abruptly after six minutes, which gives the listener time to think about what's truly happening out there, and maybe what they can do to help.

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