REVIEW album Space Motel Arrival

A Medley Of Music Masters


Space Motel

Rock/funk/soul group Space Motel has one successful album to its name, and a host of credible band members with accomplishments in music.

Formed in 2007, it currently features Jim Muro, Garrett Shider, Willie Myettet, Zach Paquette, Nate Davignon, Mike Beaez, Steve Malec, Rob Hanna, Frankie Moniz and Grayson Farmer. Each group member offers a unique "X Factor" to releases.

Muro has toured the U.S., sharing the stage with Sean Paul, Spin Doctors and State Radio.

Shider has also toured the country since 2010, performing as the lead singer and rhythm guitar player for Parliament-Funkedelic.

Myette graduated from the Berklee College of Music to become a renowned educator of online piano and theory lessons for beginners and professionals via JazzEdge Corp., a company he founded.

He's authored several music education books under Melbay and Alfred publishing, and been interviewed about his prowess by major news outlets.

Paquette is a sound engineer operating RI Red Studios and playing bass and saxaphone for the band Tevellus.

Davignon played drums in jam/funk band Fungus Amungus from 2003 to 2008, and Mystic Jammers from 2005 to present.

He's served as guest percussionist for The Same Kininger Band and groups fronted by Eric "Benny" Bloom.

Baez was lead guitarist for rock/reggae group On The Drop. In conjuctionwith Space Motel, he tours the northeast U.S. with Mike Baez Entertainment, his solo act.

Malec fronts the Steve Malec and Electric Flood Bands, spending most of his time touring the northeast.

Hanna is a sound engineer and guitarist who's recorded prominent artists in this Rhode Island studio.

Moniz, a multi-instrumentalist, has played guitar, bass, sax and sung with The Agents, Soulshot and Frankie Ranks.

Another Berklee College graduate, Farmer has performed alongside Jazz Farmers, Mighty Sam McClain, Soul Shot and The Slip.

Space Motel released their second album, "Arrival", February 1, 2017. The group's combined tenure is evident in this release.

"Can You Use This" credits Shider's flawless vocal abilities. With an echoing choir in the background, this jazzy funk tune displays how he brings the band to life.

"Going The Wrong Way", ironically, takes a turn in the right direction. Audible action takes a back seat while more soothing vocals are the main focus.

"It's Not Over" is the perfect final track. It's Space Motel's way of saying, "this is our next step into music, any adversity will not hold us back. We hope you look forward to what's in store from us."