REVIEW album Only A Visitor Lines

Only A Visitor Dominates Canadian Pop Art

In the province of British Columbia, the city of Vancouver has a music scene that is alive and well. The past two years have seen it become a so-called music capital of Canada, with government spending supporting the cultivation of talent amongst its artists yearning for the spotlight.

Eclectic pop art quintet Only A Visitor is slowly breaking through the fog and establishing a name for itself.

On June 15, 2017, the group released "Lines", an indie-sounding project that takes a break from the typical hardcore and punk for which it is well-known. The melodies, harmonies and songwriting are the result of a close-knit team of musicians combining their individual talents to create an audible masterpiece. There are different influences ranging from the Dirty Projectors to soft jazz elements and pop - a true variety of genres and musical styles.

For example, the track "Lines" features vocalists Robyn Jacob, Emma Postl and Celina Kurz in a piano-dominated song with beautiful instrumentation. The keyboard is headed by Robyn, with the bass being played by Jeff Gammon and drums by Kevin Romain.

"Running In My Sleep" conjures daydreams and feelings of otherworldly exploration to places unknown to us. This track proves that Only A Visitor is a novelty group presenting a new, never-before-heard sub-genre. If it continues on the path it's going, major Canadian radio stations will play its music at peak periods.

"Bird Sanctuary", in the best way possible, transports the listener to a calming environment free of stresses. The vocals rely on sing-sing variations, rather than complete singing.

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