REVIEW album Bob Hillary & The Massive Mellow Simplify

Bob Hillary Returns With His Own Blend Of Nu Folk Music

More relevant than ever with the current social/political climate, Bob Hillary is a ‘Nu-Folk’ singer, beekeeper & eco-activist who makes music that is earthy, soulful & simple. The music carries a strong message, that the world is beginning to suffer from an over-reliance on technology at the expense of basic human virtues & qualities. He uses his music as a platform to raise awareness of such issues of our time.

Bob was brought up on a remote organic farm in Somerset, and is a part of a growing alt.folk scene, a growing UK ‘Consciousness Movement’ & worldwide 'Slow Music' movement that is rising in momentum & challenging the mainstream, political systems, the relentless pace of modern life, the unchecked rise of technology and addiction to electronic devices. Bob is a relative of Sir Edmund Hillary (first man to climb Everest) and close school friends with Chris Martin (Coldplay).

‘Simplify’ is an album written in response to an age that seems to be pushing us to go ever faster, to be working & living at a pace that many of us are reacting against. Bob lives without wi-fi in his home & challenges the new norm of ‘Always On / Always Available’. He uses his music as a platform to raise awareness & solutions to some of the issues his generation faces in the modern world. This is a big part of Bob’s music... the message.

Bob has also written a short book to accompany the album called ‘Simplify - How to stay sane in an over-complicated world’, which he describes as ‘A self-help book for the Modern World’.

Having previously lived in a busy city for 10 years working the 9-5 lifestyle & fronting World Roots band The Ruffness, Bob experienced serious illness in the form of M.E. and was forced to change how he was living. He moved out of the city to a rural farm, & took decisive actions to change his lifestyle. Grounded, beautifully simple folk songs were born as the fruit of this move - and the album 'Simplify' was born.

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