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Celebrating The Summer

Shades Of Summer

Drew Vision

It's not every day we come across an artist with cross-generational appeal.

Known by his stage name "Drew Vision", R&B singer Andrew McCreary balances confidence in his craft with humility. A stage performer with 10 years experience captivating audiences with his smooth voice, Drew is gaining exposure in People Magazine, Billboard, and other high-traffic music websites. His knack of stringing together meaningful words is effortless; he is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Having worked with Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and Kanye West, Drew is also passionate about modeling and doing ambassador work for Coach, Lays, Pepsi, Bacardi and Samsung.

His latest EP, "Shades of Summer", released June 29 under Drew Vision Media, channels the feel-good aura emitted by Usher and Bruno Mars.

The music video of "Want 'Em All," the lead single from "Shades of Summer," is straight from the 1990s. The golden era of pop, Drew dresses and acts like Snoop Dogg. Although not a hardcore rap track, he uses cool colours (mainly purple and turquoise) as a motif throughout the video. It matches the theme of the song very well, which is to sit back, take a breather and enjoy life around you.

"No Do Overs", the first track, is a stereotypical "beach" tune, welcoming the warmth and freedom of the new summer season. Fans of Stevie Wonder or James Brown might enjoy it.

"Feel This Way" has more of an electronic/techno feel to it. Halfway through the track, Drew's vocals take a back seat to make room for a steady dance melody.

"I Give Good Love" sounds almost identical to popular rap songs from the early 2000s. Picture a late summer drive home from a luxurious resort, or a bonfire with your friends and family.

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