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It's All About The Writing

American Sessions

The Stangs

The Stangs aren't your typical garage band.

Having formed a three-piece group in their hometown of Pembrokeshire, Western Wales, The Stangs add small doses of Skiffle, Brit Rock and Pop Punk to their live performances. They aim to grow on major social media networks, namely Facebook. The goal is to allow global audiences a chance to appreciate their music from afar, without having to attend a concert.

These fast-rising indie artists specialize in rhythm and blues, alternative rock and indie rock, featuring Graeme Heath on guitar and vocals, Josh Lomas on Bass and Glenn Aldock on drums.

Graeme's writing skills serve the band well. Serving as principal writer, he has penned charming lyrics that fit superlatively with the sounds of Josh's guitar and Glenn's percussion.

Released June 28, The Stang's EP 'American Sessions' is a series of five heavy-hitting rock songs.

"The Beekeeper" is vintage rock from the golden age of The Who and The Beach Boys. Extra precision was used when producing this track: Graeme and Josh worked together to make it the best it could be, while not imitating other bands in the meantime. Each word sung comes from Graeme's heart, and Josh accurately matches the mood on the guitar. The refreshing, milder rock sound is easy to listen to.

"Never Been To London" is open to interpretation. Written poetically, Graeme was determined to write a powerful song with multiple meanings. It's up to the listener to decide what he's wanting to convey when discussing life struggles and how they've affected his work.

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