REVIEW album Austin Shaw Felt

Austin Shaw Delivers Full Album 'Felt'

Santa Cruz, CA based surfer, songwriter and singer Austin Shaw released a 4 song EP, 'Selections from Felt' earlier this year. His follow-up and full-length debut album “FELT” is coming out on September 15 and it’s got that same honest emotion and feel good vibe.

Shaw is not afraid to expose himself through his songs and leave you feeling positive and upbeat and in the sad state of the world today, we need this more than ever. HONEST SONGS, WITH AN UPLIFTING VIBE DELIVERED BY A SOOTHING VOICE.

Shaw is an independent artist but he brings along some heavy hitters for the ride, producer Robert L. Smith (Defy Recordings), and the talents of guitarist Larry Saltzman (Paul Simon), drummer Joe Bonadio (Sting), bassist Malcolm Gold and vocalist Clara Lofaro.

On the album, you will find the stand out song, "Citrine", a painful yet beautiful story about love, lose and surviving both. The title track "Felt" feels relaxed and is filled with infectious guitar riffs. The song "I’ve Been Leaning", is a nod to the people that have your back. Elsewhere, "Without You" is what that little voice inside our heads tells us when we are trying to mend a broken heart or a broken dream, and these are just a few on the songs on this solid release.

Austin Shaw is charming, at first look he is that boy on the beach that you had a crush on or your caught your girlfriend smiling at but when you dig deeper and listen closely he reminds you of the strength of the human spirit. Channeling the thought provoking songwriters of the 60’s. Honesty, melody, harmony and stories of scars that heal and how to shine on.

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