REVIEW album Zenxienx Brainforest

A Resurrection Of IDM



Intellectual Dance Music (otherwise known as IDM), is not common in today’s mainstream market. You may hear bits of it here and there, but, other than that, it’s part of the underground music scene.

It was mainly prominent in the 1990s, mass-produced by electronic labels 'Warp' and 'Ninja Tune', just to name a couple. It was a concept similar to the rock music landscape changing from during the 1960s and 1970s – evolving from psychedelic to progressive.

Intellectual Dance Music is the meeting point of electronic music’s dance and soothing ambient beats. It’s to showcase inventiveness and smartness, all in the power of song.

It had a relatively short spot in the limelight, being overtaken by then-recent pop and R&B. Hoping to revive this sub-genre, Zenxienx (real name Cameron Williamson), born in Hong Kong but raised in Hawaii, released full-length album 'Brainforest' August 4. A follow up to 'Dose', his first EP released in 2016, Zenxienx does a remarkable job of bringing Intellectual Dance Music back to the forefront.

What’s special about this album is how it spreads awareness of depression. It’s a multitude of various thoughts and emotions rolled into one. When you listen to “Pico”, one of the best tracks from it, you hear an intersection of musical ideas and sounds combined with interesting scales. It has a tribal-like vibe to it, if you will.

Cameron Williamson, or Zenxienx, has admitted that his creativity is spontaneous. This is proven with drum and bass in leading single “Missing California”. This song is engaging as it is well-written.

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