REVIEW album Days Are Done Closer

Simple, Understated & Stunning Folk Gem


Days Are Done

Days Are Done are a relatively new duo, but the pair behind the music are no strangers to the scene. Emmy Kay has been the vocalist in many a different electro pop outfit, while her musical partner-in-crime is the BAFTA award winning composer Adam Lewis. The result of their collaboration is a sound very distinctly different to the work that they have done to date.

To call it magical would be an understatement. For Adam and Emmy have that rare musical connection that is only found in the greatest of duets. We all remember Dolly & Kenny, Johnny & June, The Civil Wars and even Sonny and Cher. While Days Are Done are not akin to any of the aforementioned, this debut recording shows that they have the potential to be as fondly regarded.

At it's most poppy, the collection delivers 'Never Let You Go', which shows the pair can write for radio and get you moving on a dance floor. But they are actually far more interesting away from their commercial edge. 'On My Mind' and 'You' showcase a country leaning to their folk sound and are flawlessly delivered spine tingling moments or pure beauty.

This may just be the start for Days Are Done but we can see great things ahead of them.

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