REVIEW album The Pocket Gods The Jesus and Mary Chain

They May Hold A Guinness World Record, But They Won't Own Your Heart

The Jesus and Mary Chain

The Pocket Gods

The Pocket Gods are a Guinness World Record breaking band who have returned with their latest musical outing, 'The Jesus and Mary Chain'. From the rather DIY cover through to the eclectic sounds that form the album's confusing tracks, this is a project that will appeal only to a niche audience. An audience that appreciates album's without clear narrative or through-lines and a rather mish-mosh approach to songwriting.

To completely discredit The Pocket Gods would be unfair. The band clearly understand country, folk, indie and even alt. rock but when they piece these elements all together in one mixing bowl, the end results prove somewhat unappealing.

Perhaps the biggest negative is the production. The songs themselves do actually have potential but the lo-fi finish does not do them justice. At it's strongest 'Another Sunny Day' is a semi-radio friendly vintage pop pastiche, but when on an album alongside the frankly bizarre 'Ketchup Met Fritten', it just is not enough to carry this into the recommended listen category.

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