REVIEW album Run DMT Revolutionaire

A Battle Between Pop & Electronica



Two different musicians have used the same name to create a unique dubstep, beat and hip-hop sound.

Not only do their genres contrast, but they live on opposite ends of the United States. One lives in the state of Maryland, located closer to the east of the U.S. shoreline, while John Robbins, the sole proprietor, is from Austin, Texas.

Known professionally as Run DMT, John has been a strong force in electronica, producing two solo albums since his musical debut in 2010. His third album, 'Revolutionaire', was released August 14.

When not making music for the public, John remixes existing top 40 tracks, and works on his “Kill Your Ego Network” project. He has made rounds in the music industry, collaborating with Barrington Leavy, a legend in reggae, Jacq and Kant Turner.

Also working with prominent artists in today’s music landscape, John helped to remix single “Jah No Partial” by Major Lazer, “Who Are You?” by The Who, and Diplo’s “Revolution”. His track “Baraka’s Theme” was included as part of video game “Mortal Combat’s" soundtrack.

'Revolutionaire' could serve as the original score of a dystopian fantasy film. Listening to tracks “The Fall of Latimer City”, “Analogue Noir” and “Jellyfish” conjure feelings of abandonment and undesirability – almost like the entire world around you is taking a turn for the worst.

John does great things with dubstep, making it portray negativity, when the main purpose is to instill more positive energy.

It’s interesting, in a way, because it’s a battle between good and evil, with each side taking the form of a genre.

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