REVIEW album Gun Favourite Pleasures

Welcome Back Gun

Favourite Pleasures


Gun return with their 7th album to date and a very welcome return it is.

The Gun sound has always been of high quality from 'Taking On the World' to the release of 'Frantic', but now they seem to have eclipsed their high standards with current new release 'Favourite Pleasures'.

Gun have a rawness and power about them and that's a sound that I for one love, the albums have spanned the decades but the rocking power and ability to take the listener on a journey with them has always been there.

This current line up of the band, with new guitarist Tommy Gentry trading guitar licks with ever present Jools Gizzi , the booming brilliant sound of Paul McManus drums, Andy Carr bass and Dante Gizzi as the frontman are in my opinion on fire on this new release.

The album opener 'She Knows' is sheer power and the journey begins, Gun take you through the hedonism of title track 'Favourite Pleasures' all the way to pain, emotion and hope with this release.

Tracks like 'Tragic Heroes' and 'Go To Hell' will I'm sure be instant classics when Gun showcase this release live on tour.

'Without You In My Life' to me tells a tale of heartbreak but one of a man who wishes for a past love to be back on track, still hopeful but full of regret. Backed up with great guitar work and a booming bass this track is really brought to life on this album.

The welcome surprise for me is 'The Boy Who Fooled The World' which has a stripped back rawness never before heard from Gun and it's no bad thing. Dante Gizzi croons about hopes and dreams and a desire to make his mark in the world, you could say a desire to be “taking on the world” and lines like "A song that gets in your head, you can hear it once and it's hard to forget" sums this album up, it's an album that you won't want to forget in a hurry.

For me, to sum up this release, I'd say classic Gun, great rocking tunes, pure power and emotion as usual.

Welcome back Gun. You will always be one of my Favourite Pleasures.

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