REVIEW album The Kris Heaton Band World Gone Mad

The Age Of Aquarius Is Possible

World Gone Mad

The Kris Heaton Band

The Kris Heaton Band, established in Connecticut, has gained a massive following not only in their own state, but around the U.S.

With the release of Kris Heaton’s sixth album, 'World Gone Mad', his following is about to grow a whole lot more. He’s collaborated with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Greg Allman, and the Brandenburg State Symphony Orchestra, who performed orchestral versions of “Stand Up” and “Something New”, some of his singles.

Comprising 12 tracks, this unique collection of rock’n’roll has been described as “a little bit of Bruce, but with a rock and pop twist.” Including the orchestra’s rendition of “Something New”, Kris’s voice and guitar-playing skills inject multi-dimensional life into this album’s reggae and upbeat tones.

Every day we see sadness and anger in the news. From ongoing wars to increasingly divided nations, Kris Heaton tries to look at the positive side of things, keeping his fingers crossed for a brighter future. “Something New”, one single from the album, explores unknown possibilities with regards to prosperity and understanding. The Age of Aquarius is still far off, but it’s still attainable if we all work together to make it happen. Even the tiniest chance is a chance.

Love may be a distant emotion during times of destruction. Kris Heaton believes we shouldn’t forget it, even when we have differences. “I Want You”, another fantastic song from 'World Gone Mad', exudes an alternative rock melody that is soothing to the ear.

“When We Danced” is a new wave track impervious to negativity. It almost dances lyrically, featuring great vocal harmonies.