REVIEW album Nej!Las Washout

Out Of The Bargain Bin & Into The Mainstream



Actually it's an EP but what's a few tracks between friends?

Perhaps it's the increase in interest in film scores - the likes of Hans Zimmer and John Carpenter selling out venues, whereas soundtrack LPs were for many years the shelf-filler in supermarket bargain bins - but there does seem to be a movement towards people actually 'getting' instrumental music.

Though techno as a label may seem off-putting, this is heady, intelligent stuff for Nej!Las, who abandoned a life as a lawyer and put to one side her founded charity working in the Middle East to turn her attentions to music production. This is hugely evocative of siren-drenched rainy backstreets and has the cinematic feel of, funnily enough, Cinematic Orchestra, along with the out-there-ness of Flying Lotus. Hungry ears will be satisfied over repeated listens, Nej!Las' broad sound art giving the listener the credit for them putting in a shift themselves and listening with their brains rather than just opting to follow the herd.

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