REVIEW album Courtney Farren Nothing Like It

Courtney Farren Shines Like A Whistle On Debut LP 'Nothing Like It'

Nothing Like It

Courtney Farren

Singer/ songwriter Courtney Farren has announced her debut album 'Nothing Like It', which is being preceded by the title track of the same name. This six-track LP features guitar and piano songs recorded earlier in spring of this year.

Born and primarily raised in the San Francisco Bay area, Farren has made New York City her current home base. Having moved 12 times in childhood to various northern California locations created restless settlement patterns, which followed her into adulthood, having lived in four very different cities in 2017 alone - San Francisco, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, and now New York.

Now that she lives in The Big Apple, Farren regularly plays shows, makes videos, and is finding her place in the local music scene. Upon moving to New York, she teamed up with Brett Sullivan of American Anymen, a good friend who was able to quickly help organize/book shows and make videos to support her pursuit of a career as an artist.

Courtney's emotionally driven and heartfelt songwriting and performances lend themselves to her current live set up of guitar and vocals. While she is often very casual in the way she introduces her songs, when she sings, her words are fueled by honesty and a sense of urgency.

Often found carrying around a journal (or two or three) and always writing, she translates these recollections to her detailed accounts of her life and relationships in her songs. Nearly entirely focused on music and writing, she often manages to find time to watch cartoons and play the occasional video game with her brother.

Courtney Farren releases 'Nothing Like It' on October 6 and will be playing many live shows, both at home and in Europe, in support of this album, including a mini-tour with American Anymen and guest appearances by many talented artists along the way.

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