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Attitude And Shady Activity With Mavis Victory Project

Family Soap

Mavis Victory Project

When was the last time there was a band that actually scared you? Not in the Sex Pistols sense of blurting out something mildly shocking, nor releasing a video which is just wall-to-wall gore, but just exuded real unease and unsettling sounds and visuals?

Such is the case with Mavis Victory Project, an unusually-titled band from Highgate who feature no fewer than four brothers in the band. Perhaps it's this dynamic of tension and competitiveness which has catapulted them into our consciousness. The first release from their forthcoming 'Family Soap' debut album is the kind of dreamy, drug-pop that, although a little disarming, is perfectly acceptable woozy-core for chilling out to.

However, the accompanying video is another matter entirely. It's difficult to tell whether the unremitting strangeness is intentional or accidental. An underground vista of alluring ladies, flaming torches and what looks suspiciously like a clandestine cult all completely turn on its head everything you thought about both the band and their music. Potentially the shake-up the British music scene was crying out for.

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