REVIEW album Astrobal Australaisie

Astrobal 'Australasie Ft. Laetitia Sadier' Foreshadows Brilliant New EP



Astrobal has presented the first single from his forthcoming 'Memories of Stars' EP, featuring Stereolab genius Laetitia Sadier. Otherwise known as French producer Emmanuel Mario, not only has he produced four of her albums and is also drummer in Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble. And if that didn't sound overwhelming already, Astrobal is also opening for Laetitia on her current tour. Get ready because this single will propel you to the cosmos (and you may not want to come back after experiencing this). The solution: hit repeat!

I'm interested in pretty much everything the members of Stereolab are doing, but I must say that this single is on par with anything the band ever put out (and is actually better than most of it I'd say). At very minimum, it's excellent and it's wonderful to see what Sadier is capable of when working with different artists - in this case one artist - Emma Mario.

The album is aqueous, each track a slow wave building, with clean lines and fluid form. Symphonic strings and ethereal ambient washes are married to buzzing synths and Astrobal's crisp, crackling drums. Though eclectic, Astrobal presents a cohesive vision, with the guiding principles of texture and fluidity uniting the disparate threads. Astrobal creates a universe one can swim around in – from start to finish, the particular mood always beholden to the vibe. One leaves his dream world having lived a unique experience laced with sonic and solar dreamrry.

Karaoke Kalk was founded by Thorsten Lütz in 1997. By releasing music that bridges several electronic genres, including minimal, ambient, and techno, this niche label is helping to define the sound of contemporary pop.
Karaoke Kalk has put out records by Bill Wells, Hauschka, Toulouse Low Trax, and many others. Karaoke Kalk also co-released Astrobal's debut full-length album 'Australasie' with LA-based Plug Research in June of this year.

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