REVIEW album Free Willy Remember The Alamo

Classic American Folk, Revived From Texas

Remember The Alamo

Free Willy

Singer/songwriter W.B. Jones lets his listeners “Remember the Alamo” in ways they never did before.

With his new album being aptly titled as such by Jones’s music project “Free Willy”, this stellar collection of country and American folk tracks are sure to satisfy longtime fans of bluegrass, alternative country and Texan Americana.

Jones’s songwriting capabilities will put the listener in mind of long summer nights when the sun sets after 9 p.m. You sit by a bonfire with friends and loved ones, reflecting on the year so far. With country music still being fairly popular on the charts, Free Willy struck at an opportune time.

Starting off with “Amazing Gracie,” Jones’s fiddling of the banjo creates a positive energy permeating throughout the track. With themes of love scattered everywhere, the instrumentation tells the story of an unrequited enamoring that ended in heartbreak and wounding.

“Get In The Car”, continues the story with a recognizable country twang. This track is filled with nostalgia as Free Willy’s vocals yearn with hope that a love interest will return feelings. His invigorating bluegrass works perfectly well with the fiddle, which returns in spurts throughout the rest of the album.

“God Has A Name”, the next song from “Remember the Alamo”, Free Willy channels power from forces beyond his strength. The string instruments used blend beautifully with the lyrics, with a point being made to highlight the banjo, guitar and fiddle.

“Not Your Everyday Love Song” is a brilliant track, showing a heartfelt essence and sense of candor.