REVIEW album Eric Anders Eleven Nine

Political Debate In The Form Of Music

Eleven Nine

Eric Anders

Eric Anders is a political music artist. From the state of California in the United States, he’s based his career on interpreting current events and the overall political landscape in rich folk and pop ballads.

His latest album, “Eleven Nine”, released in April 2017, observes the day Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States.

Throughout the album, the folksy progressive rock expresses Eric’s feelings about President Trump’s election.

Eric is unique in the sense that he leaves his opinions open-ended. The listener takes what he’s saying objectively, so they can form their own conclusions on the current political climate.

“A Man For No Season” examines how a leader can have a major influence on the lives of the people. With very powerful lyrics sung at key points in the song, the background music mixed and produced by Matt Brown sets the mood for anger at events affecting a nation. It’s an indie-feeling track, that much is true, but there’s a hint of country.

The acoustic talents of guitarists Jeff Fielder and Tyler Nuffer is heard in the rest of the album. Another track, “Big World Abide”, shows how one leader’s decisions impact the entire work. Although it was sung previously by another artist, this cover song is spectacular and really hits home the underlying message behind it.

“This Fire Has Burned Too Long”, another high-quality track from the album, describes the seemingly never-ending battle between people holding different beliefs.

All sales from “Eleven Nine” will be donated to Lambda Legal, a national charitable organization.