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Notes On Belonging

Tiny Leaves

Tiny Leaves is the music of composer Joel Nathaniel Pike. He is based in the borderlands between England and Wales with his wife and three children.

Pike began developing his solo indie-classical music whilst in other bands and launched his first EP in 2012. He feels his experimental writing process and live performance is very much rooted in the years of recording and gigs with bands. His sound is fresh and heartfelt.

His debut album “A Good Land, An Excellent Land,” was released to critical acclaim in June 2013. The album evokes a journey and is at times sensitive, delicate and intense. It is led mostly by piano, while strings and guitars weave in and out of the melody, complementing its sound.

Tiny Leaves has supported Sam Amidon, A Winged Victory For The Sullen at the start of their “Atomos” world tour and Julianna Barwick. June 2015 saw the critically acclaimed release of Tiny Leaves second album with its debut performance at Cock & Bull Festival over the summer of 2015.

He has also performed at last summers Hay Fringe festival ‘How The Light Gets In’. The next year holds much promise for Pike whose sound is progressing and developing fully with his third full-length album working with violinist Faith Brackenbury.

Tiny Leaves recently joined Julianna Barwick on her ‘Will’ 2016 European tour, as support for her UK dates and unexpectedly received glowing reviews for his own performances during the tour.

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