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Kicking Back Against The Clones & The Drones

National Insecurity (single)

Thunder on the Left

'National Insecurity' is the lead single from the upcoming debut album of the same name. After the release of debut EP 'The Art of Letting Go' two years ago, the band have been working hard at refining their sound, acquiring a cult following among stalwarts of the London rock underground in the process, with a string of increasingly high profile gigs.

A trio with a sound drawing from hip hop syncopation as much as contemporary heavy rock and prog, their politically charged lyrics are a barbed commentary on detached modern life, disconnected and disenfranchised, ensnared by technology in what is, ironically, a decreasingly connected world. Thunder on the Left see it as their mission to ruthlessly pull apart the systems of control in modern life, continuing a lineage of questioning the authoritarian state stretching through Orwell and beyond.

The hollowed out, haunted verses lurch into a fat fuzz-bass-powered chorus before twisting into a jagged & corrosive Frippian guitar breakdown. Though guitarist Carla handles lead vocal duties, bassist Adam chips in on the chorus and for the final accusatory a cappella 'brush your teeth it's time for bed / are you living, are you dead?'. The band are tight and savage, coiling around each other.

A powerful, defiant song, laced with a bleak sense of humour that serves as a killer introduction to one of the hottest bands on the London scene. If the album lives up to its lead single, then there could be a late stage contender for album of the year on our hands...

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