REVIEW album Faulkner Hot Streak (Single)

Hot Streak

Hot Streak (Single)


Oh man, where do I start with this song? The whole thing feels like an edgy, modern take on 80s New Wave mixed with 2000s trance synths, in the absolute best way possible.

The main bass grabs you immediately. Try not to bob your head, go ahead, I dare ya. The soft vocals in the verse contrast with the bass and drums to give some atmosphere and breadth to the sound before everything rises up to that shimmering chorus. FAULKNER takes us through that verse and chorus a couple times, changing things up with each go before pumping up the energy with an edgy, guitar-driven breakdown that demands attention.

The song structure is impeccable. The band takes the listener on a journey through sparse verses and catchy choruses without ever feeling repetitive. No sound is misplaced or wasted. The instrumentation sounds fantastic; the mix of guitars and synths works to create an upbeat yet atmospheric sound that fills the space without ever sounding busy. The production on the song shines through in how well everything is mixed together to highlight each element just right. With a release like this, the band is definitely on a FAULK-in’ hot streak.

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